Argue if You Must Fool.

Arguments against religion and God are the most useless. We atheists feel we understand why religion exists and what it means, but we are generally only looking at it on the most surface level. We naively debate religion as though we fully understand it, yet most of us have no experience with it. Reading a book on a subject does not make you an expert. You could just as easily read a book on skydiving and assume you are master of that as well.

Knowledge from a book is no alternative to experience. If you are able acquire the knowledge yourself, without reading it, then the book is not a viable tool.


Even Weeds are Beautiful

Nostalgia is a far more potent and uplifting experience than the original experience itself.

In such the same way that memories feel far more real than the current moment in time.

Bearing New Thoughts

Can New thoughts be created?
Why are there so few prominent philosophers.
Is there only a small allotment of fresh thoughts, innovative ideas per century. Must we wait between each allowance of fresh ideas.
Philosophically it seems to all have been said already, there are many just rewriting the words others have said with a different perspective that amounts to the same concept.
If there is an allotment of thoughts, a predetermined measure of genius, how is it doled out. Is it reliant on a specific number of intellectuals passing away to allow their “brain energy” to collect and pool and eventually fill a single individual.
Or is there a greater power that chooses the precise moment to allow a prolific thinker to exist so that there is always some sort of balance?

A Theory of the Afterlife

As we die we expel the energy in us, the energy that created us, we return to it. It’s the collection of all that has lived and existed in this universe. We are each a small part “us” and a conglomeration of everything else.
We become the spark of new life. Our consciousness is collective, we are one mind.

Manifest Destiny

After writing the title to the this entry I realize it does not correlate at all to what I am about to discuss, but it is instead some historical/political ordeal that I care nothing for. I just like the combination of words.

Can we really manifest our reality? Can our experiences create future events that correlate perfectly in a way that can only be considered beyond coincidence?
These events may be pre-determined, as in we could only have made one choice at any given moment, based only on our experience. So the reality we create around us is the only reality that could have existed. After we make any choice it could not have been any other way.