The Government or Me!

This has become the new slogan, well perhaps not new, but it has become a bit more popular and I only recently considered its implications after a radio broadcast. First, I should say that I never, ever listen to the radio but last night I felt the need to listen to something less restrictive than my music collection, in hopes that they would play something decent. Turns out there is still no good music on the internet, but there is underground radio. Continue reading


I Have Succeeded Where None Have Failed

I finally finished book four of Wheel of Time, I can never remember the name of it though. It was the least interesting book so far. Now I have moved onto something a little lighter and even far less interesting, The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is basically a rip off that Japanese series Battle Royale.
Being written from a female perspective takes me out of the story a bit as well, with all those female, whiny emotions and how they are confused by simple things. Women.
So, though it’s a far shorter book and much easier to read than a Wheel of Time book I feel I will be taking my time on this one as well.
I need a good philosophy book, recommendations…anyone?

Alcohol Makes the Mind Grow Fonder

I wonder how many writers are alcoholics. I think it has something to do with the way the alcohol inhibits certain brain functions, either by removing those day to day stresses or just opens up some closed off creative part of your brain.
I’m not sure how or why this occurs, but I personally have found that after drinking a glass the night before my thoughts become clearer and more focused.
Perhaps its this feeling that writers become addicted to, or perhaps they are just miserable. No one can know for sure, but it could be a cure to your writers block, try it.

Mind Bullets!

I believe anyone who has considered, seriously or otherwise, the possibility of telepathy or telekinesis must be aware that it will not be possible, until a person can remove the concepts that contradict the reality of such a feat from their mind. In other words, if some small part of you doubts that the ability is possible then it will never be possible, until you purge that doubt.

What Then?

First I must say if the ideas I may present seem to be facts, yet I don’t back them up then they are likely just assumptions.

Of course, a disclaimer on a blog no one will read is quite humorous. Especially considering it is just a rant lacking any real substance.

So, if the values, morals and family concepts that have been passed down from the bible over the generations are coming to an end, what do we do. We may already be seeing evidence of this in the latest batch of children that are running about in the streets without any guidance. Their parents, didn’t believe in god so, they didn’t read the bible and thus didn’t pass down those Ten Commandments that, more orthodox, families could instill in their young. Is that what happens in all cases? Continue reading

Stuck on Book Four of Wheel of Time for a Whole Year

Four years ago a very good friend of mine gave me the first book of the Wheel of Time series, which I didn’t read for like a year. Then I got into a bunch of random books after not having read anything at all that year, and after that I was craving more books so I finally picked up the 900 page beast and dug in. I ended up getting addicted to it and subsequently bought the second and third books after completion of the prerequisite one. Continue reading