Stuck on Book Four of Wheel of Time for a Whole Year

Four years ago a very good friend of mine gave me the first book of the Wheel of Time series, which I didn’t read for like a year. Then I got into a bunch of random books after not having read anything at all that year, and after that I was craving more books so I finally picked up the 900 page beast and dug in. I ended up getting addicted to it and subsequently bought the second and third books after completion of the prerequisite one.

Then it was nearing Christmastime and I had placed book four on my wishlist. So, after I finished book three I took a break to wait until I got to open it on Christmas, though there was a month gap in between. Now, I finally got to it and I had been reading other short novels and doing other things which took me out of the story. Then,  when I finally returned to Rand Al”Thor and his merry band of Ta’veren I had almost lost interest. Also, this book started out with some random exposition on a character that had no name in a place that had yet to be shown, so I felt even further detached from the characters and plot.

I forced myself to get back into it as I knew I would eventually love it. Then I came to a point where I started to enjoy it, but the unthinkable happened, water spilled on it and it had to be dried before being read again and thus I stopped reading it again. I put it under something heavy to bring it back to a more presentable form, which helped, but then I passed the enjoyable part only to return to a side story that bored me to death and I just couldn’t read anymore.

So off and on for the last few months I have been reading a chapter here and there to push forward. Now I am nearing the end, 300 pages to go and still can’t be bothered to finish it. Though I know I must so I can start on the Hunger Games, which is a bit more bite sized for a quick read.

Ugh, life is so hard…not…


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