The Government or Me!

This has become the new slogan, well perhaps not new, but it has become a bit more popular and I only recently considered its implications after a radio broadcast. First, I should say that I never, ever listen to the radio but last night I felt the need to listen to something less restrictive than my music collection, in hopes that they would play something decent. Turns out there is still no good music on the internet, but there is underground radio.
This is where I first learned of the man, Alan Watt, who runs the show Cutting through the Matrix, as well as the website dedicated to the show and his ideals. It was very late at night when I turned this on yet I felt compelled to listen as I had heard nothing like this on the radio before. So, as he prattled on about how the Elite were indoctrinating us and how the Communists are this evil creature ruling the world, I thought to myself how much like them he is.
He expels his ideas as truth, using wording to manipulate minds into seeing his way of thinking, while holding himself as the elite ruler of his ideas, of which no other could have conceived. He is indoctrinating us to think for ourselves and bring down this system of education and readily available food and water. Just abolish life as we know it, to what end, only he knows.

He is not the only one like this, so many other conspiracy theorists proclaim to be the guiding light out of this dark, drug-ridden, TV watching filth of a life. Sure taking medication and drugs are bad, so is watching TV, but the uneducated are not listening to these types of radio programs, these types of people are preaching to the choir and insulting them at the same time, to a fault.
It’s great you want people to think for themselves and be an individual, but don’t you think lumping them all together as some mass of drooling fools makes that a bit harder to swallow. People who are already sold on the idea of thinking for yourself and questioning everything are the ones listening to these shows and reading the stories of the world behind what we see, so why slander your companion, it makes people lose your respect and ultimate proclaim you as a quack.
Take blame for your own actions, we all watched TV and took medication and breathed the air at some point in our lives, so be a part of your communion not the Karl Marx, or Big Brother who calls the shots but can’t get dirty.

Finally, the most ludicrous act that Alan committed was his blatant advertisement against ACTA(which gives copyright holders too much power), while juxtaposing that with the endless lines of copyright notices on his site, even for his awful poetry. He is clearly sending a mixed message, he proclaims sharing, unless its something he created…idiot.
Pick one. [The Illuminati, The Goverment,  Communists] or him.


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