Censorship for the Wrong Reasons

It seems North American TV has adopted a censorship policy that has backward logic most likely originating from War Time America. Basically, swear words are bad, nudity is bad, and any form of violence or gore is good. A prime example was an episode of House I just watched. Continue reading


A Sandbox of Anarchy

I might have mentioned, a while ago, that I had started reading this book called “The Bible”, you probably haven’t heard of it. But anyway, it has this fellow named God who is supposed to be all-knowing and all-loving, yet he also seems to be  just and all-punishing. I found that concept rather confusing but I just assumed He is greater than I could ever be so I decided that’s why it didn’t make any sense, then I got to this part about a flood. Continue reading

I Get You Abstract Expressionism

I think I understand abstract expressionism now. It’s the rebel of the art world. It’s about making a point by standing apart from the masses.
It’s about making the work the subject instead of taking a subject and making it into a piece of work. There are no faces, flowers or tress in the abstract world, you have to take it all in, not just one small aspect.

The Spiral is Infinite

It seems every day, as of late, I am getting into some philosophical discussion that inevitably turns into a debate about who’s right: religion, god, science or no god. It’s awful, terrible and accomplishes as much as asking where all life came from, the simple answer is of course God. The point is, nothing is gained by fighting over who’s right. We need to focus on why they believe what they do, in order for them to be understood as a person and thus conversations can evolve beyond petty feces throwing contests. Continue reading