The Spiral is Infinite

It seems every day, as of late, I am getting into some philosophical discussion that inevitably turns into a debate about who’s right: religion, god, science or no god. It’s awful, terrible and accomplishes as much as asking where all life came from, the simple answer is of course God. The point is, nothing is gained by fighting over who’s right. We need to focus on why they believe what they do, in order for them to be understood as a person and thus conversations can evolve beyond petty feces throwing contests.

The more you understand people, the less understanding where we came from matters.

That said, these ‘debates’ have real world ramifications, such as life vs choice, or should theories(evolution/creationism) be taught in schools. Both sides have fairly valid points to support why or why not things should be such a way, but it all comes down to morality and education.

I personally believe that abortion is murder and that everyone has the the right to do it, life is only sacred if you believe that we are created in God’s image and even then He will forgive those who die innocently with him in their heart and He will  punish those that harmed the innocents. Would this create anarchy, chaos perhaps? Would more people murder just because it was legal, would everyone smoke pot if that was legal?

We may never know, if good is inherent then no, there would be no more murder than there is now, but if we are born neutral and the only thing holding us back from doing bad things is a sense of justice and getting caught.This could also lead to more deaths, but could that mean less people to fight in wars, thus less culturally damaging wars? All these are hypothetical, and I feel without law there would be no more crime, just harsher punishment (steal from a store, get shot by the shop owner).

We hold ourselves back too much with laws. If its in our DNA, as some propose, then why have laws at all. Allow people to take vengeance on those that they feel have wronged them if they feel it to be right. Allow people to help others though it may be unlawful(rob a bank, give all the money to the poor).

As for theories being taught in school I would have to agree only if both sides were presented as options, in a space outside science and religion classes and presented specifically as theories and not as truths. Let the children think for themselves, them them pick one or the other, or neither.
I choose neither and yet I don’t feel I am missing some part of knowledge that would expand my understanding of my current state of affairs.

Ignorance is bliss, we’re all wrong and we’re all right.


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