Public Transit and Beyond!

I think cars need not exist. In the inception of their production I think a model should have been considered to allow for a universal public transit system, so anywhere you could get to by car would be accessible by some form of affordable, public transit which need not even be a bus. This would solve many problems.

The first being reduction in accidents as the driver, responsible for paying passengers, would be far less inclined to be drinking or driving like a maniac. They would (hopefully) be very timely and reliable so you would never be late for something. No need to pay outlandish car insurance costs just to visit granny, who lives in a rural area, for a weekend. Pollution would be taken down considerably, especially if hybrid/electric vehicles were used. Also, far less traffic congestion as every vehicle has a schedule and the roads would be built to cater to this system.

Cars are, practically ,only an expression of ones self to the public, in most cases, of course aside from the obvious need to get from point a to point b, but its unnecessary. Show who you are through your appearance while riding with strangers and be social again. Meet new people enjoy a new laugh, stop being so selfish. We needed this years ago and we need such a system even more now.


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