If you believe in an omnipotent god then all events are pre-determined. Because of this “being” we may be able to tap into the ability to see into the future as well as the past, but only when our mind is most open. That is why things like Deja Vu happen. A belief in such a god is not necessary to understand that this ability may be a reality, but if you do believe in such a god then you MUST believe that all choices you make will lead you to an already determined end.


2 thoughts on “Destiny?

  1. 0penb00k says:

    “If you believe in an omnipotent god then all events are pre-determined.”
    If I believe in a God that is all-powerful, all-seeing, then I must accept that everything that ever happened or ever will has already been decided. That is what you are saying. Is that what you mean? Or do you perhaps mean an all-controlling God?
    Just because one might believe that a God CAN do everything does not mean that he HAS done everything and WILL do everything.

    All events are pre-determined because they have already happened, are happening, and are yet to happen. Our minds are uniquely constructed to process these different realities separately ie past, present and future. (When we dream these processes occur as one which is very confusing to some people.)

    Deja vu is a short-circuit between one or more of these tri-processors.

    • Apocacrux says:

      I can’t believe that I never responded to this. I do enjoy your insight and you are indeed correct that an all powerful is not absolutely going to create and control all events. Though it would likely be an all knowing god and therefore could theoretically see all current, past and future events. Such a god would see all things that will happen even if it does not control them. That is to say that the events that will happen have already been witnessed so the events are pre-determined.

      I do also understand that deja vu can be some form of mental malfunction.

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