Strength, Enough to Lift Yourself

I had it all wrong. People who need God in their life are not weak, they are far stronger than myself. They have the strength to ignore logic and ask for help. I thought I was strong because I could do it all by myself, I let my pride take over, it gave me strength. Anyone can help themselves but it takes real strength to ask for help from anyone, including a being that has little evidence of existence.

I used my strength of mind to overcome my failings, while others use their strength of spirit to accept their failings, to accept they’re flawed and to know they can’t do it all on their own.


Oh Livejournal, How You Were Once My Friend

I stand at the epicentre, the pinnacle, a precipice, where only fear and awe could be combined to form a new emotion. It is like falling without moving, your heart beats but only to you know you are still alive. Even to jump would not end in death; so I do, it’s time to let go of this ledge I have held on to for so long.
The falling I felt before was only a hint of this terror, this thrill. I never want it to end, I fear its end, there is no land in sight, no wind in my face only pure adrenaline and excitement. Continue reading

Music Has No Soul

Music fans, much like any fan, can never seem to be satisfied, though not always the case it is very frequent. Typically they will complain when their favourite artist comes out with a new album and it sounds different from their older works. Then if that same album had come out with a eerily similar sound to their older works, then the fans would complain that it is more of the same. Worse still, fans will complain when their favourite band makes it big and becomes a mainstream success, they have then “sold out”. Assuming that garnering mainstream success means the band has changed their sound just enough to appeal to the masses, when typically, they have only become better at making music, but now the original fans are “forced” to abandon the band they loved so much as they can’t say they like such a popular group.

I guess music fans could fit into a few different categories: Hipster(hate mainstream success), Purists(dislike change), One-off fans(the first album is always he best) and those who despise stagnation(hate when bands don’t evolve). So for artists to pour their heart and soul into some project only to be rejected by the people that helped them feel confident in their talents. People need to realize that bands evolve and/or prefer the sound they have always made and they occasionally get better at making music so it will likely appeal to a wider audience. If you don’t like it, stop listening to it and move on to something else. There is no need for vulgar words or ridiculous complaints as though they actually tore your soul out.