Suicide King

A rising commonality in society is the disinterest in life. Some go so far as to wish it would end, that to end it would be better than trudging through the boring sludge that is their life.
There are those that fear death enough to never go through with it, but they will teeter on the edge of it perpetually. There are others who have resigned themselves to it and will kill themselves sooner rather than never, as they feel it was the best option.
What I can’t comprehend is those that wish to end their life that haven’t even lived. They plan on ending something that hasn’t even started, which sounds like a universe-ending paradox.
These people have probably never taken a risk, left there hometown or have even considered leaving their house. I think once you leave your comfort zone the idea of death seems less appealing as all those new experiences can easily overwhelm and fascinate.

Leave your family (wife, girlfriend, kids) behind and go on an adventure. You were going to leave them anyway, at least this way they know you are still possibly alive in this world and that they may get to see you again one day.
I mean, if you are going to die anyway might as well try living first. Get on a plane and go to Russia, or South Africa. The plan may crash, or you may get murdered but you were going to die anyway right? If you do survive the landing and get to actually experience the totally unique culture you may come to see what people are living for. You may still want to die after that as well, but then you could just keep travelling just to see if there is a greener pasture, no money needed. Hitchhike from South Africa to EEstern Europe. If you should die along the way, then problem solved. At least you lived first.


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