Brave New World

One’s imagination is so boundless that it has already considered the idea I am about to propose, but it is no less important as the consequence of allowing the behaviors I am about to mention are undeniably negative.

People unable to speak their mind, for fear of ridicule, is an issue that has prevailed since recorded history. Even today with our “free speech” we have only the freedom to speak, but not the freedom from hatred, envy, or much worse. I don’t mean to say that speaking is to be comparable to say: threatening or the like, but merely to be able to express a thought or idea that  is uncommon or outside the normalcy of everyday should be without threats themselves.

The response should be instead to stop and consider the implications of what others say, appeal to reason and refute or accept claims and debate sensitive topics. Outright ridicule based on a mere, surface-level analysis is of the utmost follies of man.

Speak. Be heard. React with reason.


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