Things That Sell Stuff

Sex sells. With the advent of the internet you can see even more proof of this. Now when it comes to terrible flash/browser-based, fantasy games then it gets even worse. There is always some scantily clad women ready to be rescued or wield a sword at your side. Though this women is never in the game, in fact there are almost never women in these games period, yet it’s their main marketing tool.
Now, more to my point, this new game entitled Wings of Destiny features the aforementioned temptress. The artist seemed to ignore everything below her chest when doing the final touches, I assume that is because it is very unlikely that anyone would look past the “money-makers”.
here we are:

She seems to have some sort of dermatitis issue on her side and her…hip bone? is definitely not in the right place, or maybe its some demon trying to escape her body. Maybe she’s just a demon in disguise  Who knows, but I do know that this is awful.


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