One Console Future

Denis Dyack was/is a large proponent of the one console future. Where all console developers would work together in some form, either by developing software for or creating a single device that would run all games. Consumers would not need to purchase a multitude of consoles to enjoy all games. Though unrealistic, it is a grand idea and great concept.
Though I also think that this concept could be expanded upon even further by making a device we already own the device for which all the manufacturers could develop for. A cell phone, or tablet, a device that is multi purpose, as consoles are moving away from just being able to play games, in the same way that portable devices are moving more into the game space and are less about being a phone. One logical conclusion is that in some form or another each these devices will meet in the middle and become one. Though a cell phone or smartphone as a home gaming device could not really be possible until there was a unified console experience. Until then there will likely be tablet like devices or set top boxes that function as more than just a way to access games, but also happen to be far more free form.
The cloud will be a dominant force eventually, as will digital distribution. Physical formats are still as popular but are becoming less supported by developers. Internet access across the world is not at a level that can support a completely Internet based distribution method, but in 10 years it should be close.
Its nearly impossible to predict what trends will remain and what fresh ones will come about in the next ten years, but I think we are looking for a great change in the digital landscape. It is exciting and terrifying and bit upsetting to think how childhood memories will be forever changed by the many advents to come.


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