Cryptically obvious

It’s weird how saying the words that have been on your mind for a long time makes it more real than you could have ever thought.


4 thoughts on “Cryptically obvious

    • Apocacrux says:

      I can’t even recall what I was thinking of when I wrote this. But I think it holds true to most thoughts, once you have expressed them to another they become more than just intangible thoughts, they become actions, in a sense.

      • 0penb00k says:

        When I think of something, let’s say an idea for a book, I feel like if I say them out loud they become part of the greater consciousness (which spurs me to start writing the book quickly before someone else gets the idea…from above).

  1. Apocacrux says:

    That’s pretty reasonable. Though I think its also possible that even internal thoughts are shared in that consciousness as well.So you should write down all your ideas and sell them quick, haha.

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