The ghost in the darkness with the mint hair and a lipstick smile.

This is a period for self reflection 

A time for introspection 

No longer about rejection 


Furniture is Sacred

I thinks its only fair that humans who declaw their cats should also get an onychectomy, you know, to protect them from over scratching a mosquito bite, or getting your nail caught on something.

Future sounds

I’m sure I’ve read or heard this before, but I believe it to be true:
As a society becomes less human they tend to find more entertainment from electronic sources. The rise in electronic music is an example of this. It is the music that is always portrayed as the music of the future.

M’kay children

People need to stop proclaiming something is bad. don’t knock it before you’ve tried it. Drugs, religion, sex. Most opinions are based off assumptions which are based off experiences that could have been related to a small but negative part of the aforementioned groups.
Try everything before you decide its stupid, so long as it doesn’t relate to something that is specifically designed to kill yourself or harm others.
People fear what they don’t understand and they can’t understand it properly unless they experience it. So don’t hate unless you’ve experienced and if you aren’t willing to try something new than just ignore it all together and let other people enjoy their choices in life.

No More Heroes

As I come to realize what is more important in life I also come to notice that there are no role models for the most important facet of life: happiness, no one appears happy in life. Some people confuse having lots of money or material possessions with happiness. This is typically not true as those with great wealth probably worked at a job they hated to accrue it, or inherited it from some unfortunate event.
There needs to be someone to look up to that is truly happy. A role model(s) for the masses, something to actually aspire towards that will create a real positive change, not just more things to fill that hole in your heart.

Wake up in to Reality

We have become so lost in fantasy to look for reality, yet we never fully indulge in the fantasy either, so what is the point of not living in the present, thinking for yourself, accepting nothing as truth.

Documentaries are the worst offender of taking your view of reality and skewing it toward their view. Such as segments where they ask random people on the street a certain question and record their answer, when viewed as part of the final product you are not getting all the answers you are just getting the side that supports their view on a specific topic. With all the edits and quick cuts you can make anyone say just about anything you want them to, and they don’t even need to actually say! you just make them imply it.

And just about any documentary that presents both sides of the argument will still only show one side in a negative light and the other in a positive one. Even the numerical statistics are seldom sourced.


The point is, take no word as absolute fact even if the evidence seems to point entirely in one direction. Research anything for yourself before you accept it and share it.